Selling: The Benefits of Trading Post Estate Sales

We understand that everything we touch in your home had its part in a special story called "Your Life" and by understanding the memories, we will always do our best to make you and your family a special part of our story.

Whether you are liquidating a family estate or downsizing into a smaller home, this process can be stressful. Our team of professionals can make your transition simple, efficient and quick.

Our job is to help you without you having to worry, making the whole process as simple and efficient as possible.  We do not want you to take a lifetime of family belongings and fill your own homes or a storage unit.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and personalized approach.  Not all homes are the same and not all belongings are the same.  Our years of experience in the industry have helped us grow a large following of consumers and collectors willing to pay the highest prices for your unwanted items.

Not interested in having people rummage through your personal property and family heirlooms? During the whole process we eliminate all the commotion of buyer’s haggling, money exchanging hands and people moving about and picking up property while damaging or stealing items on the premises.

How Does The Process Work?

Once we reach an agreement and a plan is in place, our professionals will facilitate what is necessary to help you get there.  Each sale is customized to fit your needs specifically along with the needs of our buyers.

With an over 90% success rate of sale, you are sure to maximize your overall profit and have less items that you need to pay to have thrown out.

Our knowledgeable, trained team will come to your location, catalogue and photograph your items and upload them to our innovative online platform for a 14 day auction style sale period.

The online auction format opens your items up to a competitive bidding environment in which prices are determined by the consumer, and often exceed expectations due to unforeseeable factors, such as bidders willing to pay more for reasons such as convenience or nostalgia. Plus, the competitive and timed bidding environment tends to excite bidders and move prices upward at an unbelievable rate the last hour of the sale.

Our marketing team will ensure your items receive maximum exposure in the proper local and specialty markets.

Upon completion of the sale, we will organize the items and get them ready for our one day facilitated pickup.

All payments are made by debit or credit card, pre-approved when bidders register, within 4 hours of the close of the sale, eliminating the risk of bad checks & counterfeit cash. Your items are paid for before the buyers even arrive to pick up.

Since all the items are sold online you can follow the bidding live, and once the sale is complete you will receive an itemized summary report and settlement check within 14 days or less. 

How Do You Know How Much My Stuff Is Worth?

Besides our years of experience in estate sales, our connections with industry leaders that specialize in various categories allow us to price your items properly. We work with an "Antique Roadshows" Appraiser for your higher end items and have accounts at Christie's and Sotheby’s for your over the top items.

Our goal is to sell all your unwanted items at the highest price possible.  We earn our income based on a percentage of sales, it’s in our best interest to get you the most value for your items.

Should I Organize My Stuff Before You Come?

You have enough to worry about with the items you’re keeping, we tell everyone to not throw any items out.  What you may consider trash is always someone else’s treasure.  Our job is to organize, photograph and describe each item or lot in detail to ensure maximum salability. 

Total House Cleanouts and Junk Removal

Our junk removal division "Local Cleanups" offers a deeply discounted price when you use our estate sale service, sometimes as much as an 80% savings.